Choosing Online Label Printing Services

printed labels for wine

Anyone having a store or a small retail business has to invest in custom labels for their business. For one, labels are legally required to show important details of the products you are selling. On the other hand, custom labels can increase your brand awareness by showcasing your brand and talking about your products. Labels will provide the necessary information and details that consumers require about your product which is where a professional label printing service comes in handy. Choosing the right online label printing service many not be an easy task after all. There are many things to consider when picking the right online label printing service. Here are some of the most important things to look for in this regard.

Without a doubt, quality is the one number aspect to consider when choosing an online label printing service. Although you may find hundreds of label printing services out there, all of these companies do not provide a quality job which is where you need to do your research properly. To get an idea of the quality offered by the printing service, you can go to online review sites such as Yelp and other review blogs. There are numerous forums and discussion boards that talk about the services provided by online label printing companies. You can hang around these forums and participate to get a better idea in this regard. Another way is to ask the company for free samples if you are planning to give them a bulk order. It may help you get a good idea about the quality of the labels offered by the potential company.

Do not forget to bargain when choosing online printing services. Compare quotes by requesting estimates from more than one company. Look for a balance between quality and price since you do not have money to waste. The lowest price may not be the best quality at all times. “If the price offered by the company is too cheap, you need to be a bit cautious when hiring such a company. They might be cutting corners to provide the product for such a low price. Never compromise the quality just to save a few bucks in the process.” says Mark Bowes of Summit Print.

Most printing services offer discounts when you order in bulk. Also, watch out for promotions for your particular product from time to time.

Turnaround time is another important factor to consider when choosing an online label printing service. A professional service will deliver your goods at the least possible time. Compare the turnaround times offered by various label printing services and choose an appropriate company to suit your needs. A good company will have an excellent customer service which is another important factor to consider when picking a quality online label printing service. Try calling the business of your choice to see how their staff handles your query. You need someone to handle your complaints if something goes wrong with the order which is why you need to choose an online label printing service with an excellent customer service feature.

Most professional online printing services go the extra mile to satisfy their customers. Most of them provide free gifts to clients who are ordering in bulk quantities. Check if the potential company offers any complimentary services as such. These are critical things to consider when you are looking for an online label printing service.

In conclusion, choosing the best online label printing service is not the easiest of tasks after all. There are so many companies out there to choose. These are important factors to consider when choosing an online printing service.

Web Design Ideas for Orthodontists

Just like any other, orthodontics is a very competitive field that requires implementation of effective online strategies that will give you an edge over your competitors and also reach out new customers. Smart online orthodontic marketing strategies can make a big difference between success and failure. The following are very important tips for the website design ideas for orthodontists.

Ensure the graphics reflects the product and services you are offering

There are a lot of factors that make a website professional and trustworthy. One of the great factors you should consider is the graphics. A well though graphics will make your website professional, will encourage surfers to stay on your site and also seek your services. Remember, first impression matter; ensure the graphics on your site conveys the intended message.

Make the About us page informative

When writing about us section, you should focus on information that is educative. Provide adequate information about your firm such as the number of years you have been providing orthodontist services and any other relevant information that will make your customers know your clinic.

Before and After orthodontics

Use before and after service gallery

It is very important to ensure you include the before and after orthodontics services section. Choose the favorite cases and include a short description of each case.

Make your site easily navigable and mobile-friendly

If your website is not easily navigable, the surfers will drift to the sites that are easily navigable. To get the best out of your website, you should ensure the website is easily navigable. In addition, you should make you site mobile friendly. Research shows that mobile devices control more than 39% of the traffic. Thus, you should ensure your site is mobile friendly.

Keep the services section simple and informative

You should make a brief explanation of the services that you offer. Use a simple language that is easy to understand.

Lastly, ensure the content on your website is quality content that is user and search engine friendly.

Why Should A Print Shop Consider A WordPresss Website For Their Business?

new linxprint website

The above example is a new WordPress website for LinxPrint in Vancouver.

If you have a print shop, you will most definitely need to get online in order to reach more people and boost your business. This will need you to have a website, which is capable of attracting customers and maximizing the shop operations. Among the top content management systems to consider for your website is WordPress. There are many reasons why you should Choose a WordPress site for your print shop. Here are some of the reasons:


The website is easy to use and it has an innate interface, making it an ideal website option when you are starting an online business. You can easily add your images and blogs quickly, devoid of any challenges. The technology used is simple, which means that you can format your site much faster with less complication, compared to an HTML site.

Easily Crawled By The Search Engines

Another great thing about the WordPress sites is that the code generate is simple and clean. This means that the search engines will easily read the pages and they will index the content of the site faster. The content, including the pages, images and other posts can have their own keyword description. This will mean that the search engine will crawl over the page and rank it higher, compared to an HTML page. For that reason, you will be broadcasting your business and will earn online dominance easily. A WordPress site also allows you to utilize some tags that will improve your SEO efforts, making you rank higher.

Cost Effective

Since the site is easier to develop and design, you will not need to hire a professional web designer to take care of your site. You can easily design the site by yourself, without any assistance from a professional. There are some sites that have a guide on how to design your site for the better appearance to the clients.

More Functionality With The Plugins Available

You can add a video gallery, which will show the slideshow of your work on the site. You can accomplish this by the use of plugins, which are downloaded and installed on the site. Most of the plugins are free to download, while others are premium. Compared to traditional static sites, which will need you to program everything, with WordPress all you need to do is install the plugin. The plugin takes a few minutes and everything will be up on the site.

Easy To Print

Web designers are well known to create websites that prove to be difficult to print, this is not the same case with a WordPress website. WordPress sites use a plugin, which allows you to print the format that is easily readable.

With a WordPress website for your business card print shop, you can also communicate easily with your clients and the users. You will not be required to wait for your web designers to complete their job. Rather, all the work will be done by you, which means that you can easily put your site back online in the shortest time possible. You will have more control over your site, so all your work will be done according to what you want.

Why WordPress Web Design Is Better Than The Rest

Wordpress Logo

If it’s the first time you’re having a website designed and you want the results to be absolutely amazing, then you may have already heard about WordPress and the many advantages it has compared to other more expensive web design solutions. WordPress web design not only allows you to have a well defined website that visitors can instantly associate with your brand, but it also guarantees you’ll have a professional online presence. Since WordPress is open source and self hosted, this gives you more options for unique design, more documentation and of course, more control.

Automatic Updates

One of the major advantages of WordPress design is the fact that’s very simple for you to keep it up-to-date. Since the updates are applied automatically, this means you won’t have to worry about spending your time updating the website yourself. Your friends who already have websites may have told that website maintenance issues can be quite a nuisance and take a lot of time to solve, but with WordPress, that burden is highly reduced.

Multisite Capabilities

Did you know that as an enterprise you have the ability of creating a network of blogs and websites by using the multisite feature? This network is basically a collection of websites or maybe blogs that all have the same WordPress admin and installation. Because of that, you can easily launch a new website from a single instance in a much faster way than any other currently available CMS solution. On top of that, these capabilities can also be restricted to a top level web admin.

Permission Systems

Creating a user permission system may give some website owners bad headaches, but you won’t have to worry about that when using WordPress. This is because as an admin, you can easily restrict and also clearly specify the capabilities of other users with the system on the back and frontend. For instance, your blog’s users won’t be able to post a new blog post until that blog post is reviewed and approved by you. This involves giving a specific role to your users and with WordPress, there are 6 roles you can choose from, including Subscriber, Contributor, Author, Editor, Admin and Super Admin.

Your Website Can Easily Scale And Grow With You

If you’d like to add a few extra pages to your website, then that is no problem and it can easily be achieved by using the admin panel. Also, you can password protect the pages or if you want, you can publish them sometime in the future. As for where you could add them, they can either be linked from the sidebars for optimizing the flow of your website or they can be added to your navigation menus.

Search Engines Dig WordPress Websites

Since the code behind WordPress is very simple and clean, the search engines can easily pick up your content and index it. Even better, each image, post and page can have its very own title, description, keywords and meta tag and can also be optimized for certain keywords. Due to these benefits, using WordPress anyone can do some pretty amazing SEO for their website or blog.

As everyone can see, WordPress web design is one of the best choices for people who want to have a new website designed, since not only is it simple to use, but it doesn’t carry the high costs of custom web design packages, it helps you rank higher in the search engines and it also doesn’t require you to have web design experience when wanting to make changes to your website.

Myths About SEO Today

7 Modern Age SEO Myths

by: Eric Enge

seo myths

One of the challenges that the world of SEO presents small businesses like plumbers, dentists, roofers and even personal injury attorneys with is its lack of clarity. The search engines obscure their algorithms, and as a result, SEO is really a best practices game. You can learn more about what works best by constantly testing ideas on your site, but ultimately your overall SEO strategy will be part art and part science.

Layer on top of that the fact that the search engines continuously tune their algorithms, and the result is an unstable landscape. Worse still, there is tons of misinformation published, often as the result of the ignorance of the author. Some SEO myths have been with us forever, but today I plan to focus on the newer myths that have been emerged only in the past few years.

7 New SEO Myths

1. All Guest Posting is Bad: This myth is the newest of them all, and it was spawned by Matt Cutts blog post of January 20th, 2014 called: The decay and fall of guest blogging for SEO. In this post Cutts details the many ways that people have abused the concept of pursuing guest posts to obtain links to your site. In fact, he goes so far as to say: “stick a fork in it”.

However, it is foolish to translate this into the notion that all guest posting is inherently evil or bad. The article you are reading right now is effectively a guest post. However, I don’t publish articles here to obtain links for SEO, I do it because I value the Forbes audience, and because of the reputation and visibility benefits it brings.

If you are pursuing guest posting make reputation and visibility your primary goals, and you should be just fine. Might there be some SEO benefit? Possibly, but you will make poor choices if SEO is your main goal. Let any SEO impact be a side effect rather than the primary goal and you will be far better off.

2. Social Media Signals Drive SEO: This one has been popular for the past few years, and you will see articles that argue that social media is the new SEO. Nothing could be further from the truth. There are many reasons for engaging in social media, and your business almost certainly should have a social media strategy, but don’t do it because you think it will drive your rankings in the search engines. For some backup of this, you can reference these two articles:

  1. Google’s Matt Cutts: Are pages from social sites ranked differently?
  2. The Totally Mathematical Reason Social Matters to SEO

Pursue social media as a way to build your own visibility online. Find out what social media sites have your target audience on them and develop presences on them as a way of connecting with them. Google has repeatedly denied any use of social signals as a ranking factor (other than personalized search using Google Plus) and Bing has abandoned even the personalization aspects of social signals and has instead decided to show social media information in their right sidebar.

3. Link Signals Are On Their Way Out: There are many who believe that link based signals are no longer a good ranking signal, and that Google must find an alternative. The Russian search engine Yandex recently abandoned links as a signals, and that only adds fuel to that fire.

The fact is that inbound links to a web site remains a very strong ranking signal, and it will remain that way for some time to come. The search engines won’t move away from using links as a ranking signal until the have a better signal source, and they don’t have that yet. In fact, Google’s Matt Cutts recently confirmed that they have tested a version of Google that does not use links as a ranking factor, and they abandoned it.

4. Google’s Search Results Are Broken: Another popular myth is the notion that Google has a severe problem with their search engine, but nothing could be further from the truth. Here in the US their market share remains quite steady at 67.6% (source: comScore, January 2014 data), and internationally in most countries the Google market share is 80% or higher. Google’s search business does not currently face a major threat.

5. AuthorRank is a Ranking Signal: In June 2011 Google announced Authorship Markup. This new initiative involved a method for tying content you publish to your Google profile page, which in turn provides Google better methods for tracking what you publish online.

This rapidly led to speculation that Google would track the authors who were the most authoritative and reward them with higher rankings. Google unwittingly fueled this speculation with their own statements. The most famous of these was the following statement from Eric Schmidt:

Within search results, information tied to verified online profiles will be ranked higher than content without such verification, which will result in most users naturally clicking on the top (verified) results. The true cost of remaining anonymous, then, might be irrelevance.

However, little evidence has emerged that there is much happening with that as yet. The only exception is that Google’s Cutts verified that they use an AuthorRank like concept as part of their In-Depth Article feature.

This is a pretty sparse application for AuthorRank, and all evidence suggests it is rare when individual authors get included in the In-Depth Article results. You should put a lot of effort into your authority online, but do it for the sake of building your visibility and reputation. Do implement Authorship markup as well, as there are other benefits to that, including getting your author photo showing in the search results next to your articles:

This is definitely worth doing, but don’t expect short term SEO gains, and invest for the long term.

6. Correlation Studies Tell Us What Google Uses as Ranking Factors: Ever since Moz started publishing their search engine ranking factors correlation studies (you can see the 2013 edition here) people have been assuming that these studies show us exactly what Google uses in its algorithm.

It is important to remember that these studies measure correlations. They don’t show whether or not any of the tested factors are actually used by Google in their algorithm.

However, the reality is that the correlation here is that content that is likely to be given a +1s by a lot of people is probably pretty good content, and that pretty good content is also likely to obtain a significant number of links. Note that link related signals make up the rest of the 10 strongest correlations in this study.

Correlation studies are very useful if used the right way, as an indicator of when you are doing useful things as a marketer, but they can actually hurt you if you draw the wrong conclusions.

7. SEO Today is Only About Creating Good Content (the Rest Will Take Care of Itself): This myth is a new one on the horizon, and comes from people rebelling against SEO abuses of the past. It is true that creating good/great content is a part of the puzzle, but you still need to architect your site so Google and Bing can find it, there is still a role for keyword research, you probably should be implementing Schema on your web site, and a lot more.

You also need to market your site in some manner to build your reputation and visibility. The ranking algorithms still use inbound links as a major ranking factor, as it provides the search engines with information on which sites are the most valuable in response to a given search query.


Any one of these myths could be addressed in a full length article, but my goal today was to draw a bigger picture of how you need to process the claims that people make about SEO. People overreact to things that they see and hear, and it is important to evaluate any new claims with a critical eye. Rand Fishkin put together a great presentation on Why Great Marketers Need to be Great Skeptics that is worth flipping through.

You should be slow about making changes to your SEO plans based on any new claim. When you have an SEO strategy that is working for you, stay with it, and only adapt new techniques when the market has proven them out. If your current SEO strategy is not working, learn the fundamentals first, and stick with those until you get something that works. The latest new crazy idea is rarely the right way to go.

WordPress 3.9 has been released

WordPress 3.9 arrives with better media editing, gallery previews, audio and video playlists, and more

By: Emil Protalinski

Wordpress 3.9 today announced the debut of WordPress 3.9, which adds a slew of “refinements” to the blog management tool. You can download the new release now from (it’s 6.0MB).

Dubbed “Smith” in honor of African-American jazz musician Jimmy Smith, WordPress 3.9 is supposed to give users a better understanding of how their content will look once it is published. The team has put together a video to show it off:

The new features are as follows:

  • Improved visual editing: The new visual editor has improved speed, accessibility, and mobile support. You can paste into it from your word processor without wasting time to clean up messy styling.
  • Edit images easily: With quicker access to crop and rotation tools, it’s now much easier to edit your images while editing posts and scale images directly in the editor.
  • Drag and drop your images: Uploading your images is now as simple as grabbing them from your desktop and dropping them in the editor.
  • Gallery previews: Galleries display a beautiful grid of images right in the editor, just like they do in your published post.
  • Do more with audio and video: Images have galleries, and now media clips have playlists.
  • Live widget and header previews: Add, edit, and rearrange your site’s widgets right in the theme customizer: preview your changes live and only save them when you’re ready. The improved header image tool also lets you upload, crop, and manage headers while customizing your theme.
  • New theme browser: WordPress says you can now “lose yourself in the boundless supply of free themes.” Ha.

WordPress 3.8 was released in December. The company is pushing a faster release as of late, but version 3.8 came later than we expected, and we would not be surprised whatsoever if the company took its sweet time with the 4.0 release.