Why WordPress Web Design Is Better Than The Rest

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If it’s the first time you’re having a website designed and you want the results to be absolutely amazing, then you may have already heard about WordPress and the many advantages it has compared to other more expensive web design solutions. WordPress web design not only allows you to have a well defined website that visitors can instantly associate with your brand, but it also guarantees you’ll have a professional online presence. Since WordPress is open source and self hosted, this gives you more options for unique design, more documentation and of course, more control.

Automatic Updates

One of the major advantages of WordPress design is the fact that’s very simple for you to keep it up-to-date. Since the updates are applied automatically, this means you won’t have to worry about spending your time updating the website yourself. Your friends who already have websites may have told that website maintenance issues can be quite a nuisance and take a lot of time to solve, but with WordPress, that burden is highly reduced.

Multisite Capabilities

Did you know that as an enterprise you have the ability of creating a network of blogs and websites by using the multisite feature? This network is basically a collection of websites or maybe blogs that all have the same WordPress admin and installation. Because of that, you can easily launch a new website from a single instance in a much faster way than any other currently available CMS solution. On top of that, these capabilities can also be restricted to a top level web admin.

Permission Systems

Creating a user permission system may give some website owners bad headaches, but you won’t have to worry about that when using WordPress. This is because as an admin, you can easily restrict and also clearly specify the capabilities of other users with the system on the back and frontend. For instance, your blog’s users won’t be able to post a new blog post until that blog post is reviewed and approved by you. This involves giving a specific role to your users and with WordPress, there are 6 roles you can choose from, including Subscriber, Contributor, Author, Editor, Admin and Super Admin.

Your Website Can Easily Scale And Grow With You

If you’d like to add a few extra pages to your website, then that is no problem and it can easily be achieved by using the admin panel. Also, you can password protect the pages or if you want, you can publish them sometime in the future. As for where you could add them, they can either be linked from the sidebars for optimizing the flow of your website or they can be added to your navigation menus.

Search Engines Dig WordPress Websites

Since the code behind WordPress is very simple and clean, the search engines can easily pick up your content and index it. Even better, each image, post and page can have its very own title, description, keywords and meta tag and can also be optimized for certain keywords. Due to these benefits, using WordPress anyone can do some pretty amazing SEO for their website or blog.

As everyone can see, WordPress web design is one of the best choices for people who want to have a new website designed, since not only is it simple to use, but it doesn’t carry the high costs of custom web design packages, it helps you rank higher in the search engines and it also doesn’t require you to have web design experience when wanting to make changes to your website.


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